Independent Emergency Services (IES) is a unique organization in the 911 industry. It is a company formed by seven independent telephone companies located in central Minnesota for the sole purpose of providing complete E911 network, PSAP equipment and ALI database services on a competitive basis.

IES has been extremely successful since its start in 1995. Seventy-five percent of Minnesota's 87 counties are now subscribers to its IES network and database. Every county in Minnesota that has implemented fully-enhanced E911 in the past ten years has partnered with IES.

Mission Statement: Independent Emergency Services, LLC mission is to excel as a leader in Enhanced 911 services. Our commitment is to provide customers with accurate information, prompt response time, competitive prices and the latest technology. We play a distinct role in partnering with customers to shape the future products and services that best meets their requirements and expectations. Independent Emergency Services, LLC success is through effectively and responsively providing the vital connection to Enhanced 911 services.
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